Due to COVID-19 (effective March 27, 2020)

For the safety of our patients and our staff, Rice County District Hospital is enforcing a policy allowing NO VISITORS for patients and residents of the facility.

**Patients that are nearing the birth of their baby, nearing the end of life, or are under the age of 18 will receive special instructions from their provider and/or the nursing staff.

Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate the wonderful community that we get to serve.

Rice County District Hospital

Rice County District Hospital is a 25-bed, critical access hospital dedicated to serving the people of Rice County and the surrounding areas with exceptional care. Located in Lyons, the hospital is open for emergency services 24/7 and provides personalized, around-the-clock care for patients, utilizing a staff of more than 150.

For more information about our medical staff and the services we offer, click on the links below.

“We service the medical needs of newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. We strive to provide each patient with the accurate diagnosis and treatment in the most effective and personalized manner.”

–George Stover, CEO

Rice County District Hospital
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Rice County District Hospital

619 S. Clark
Lyons, KS 67554

Phone: 620-257-5173
Fax: 620-257-2608

For more information, call the Rice County District Hospital at 620-257-5173.