George Stover, CEO

Letter from the CEO

At Rice County District Hospital, we strive to provide exceptional care because our patients are our neighbors, school teachers, local business owners; those we greet with a nod in the grocery store and cheer alongside at our children’s sports games.

Located in the heartland, we are a rural hospital with multi-site facilities equipped to serve the encompassing medical needs of newborn, pediatric, juvenile, adult and geriatric patients.

Our staff operates as a family of professionals, delivering personalized care from entry-to-exit, attending to each person with dignity and respect. Our patients benefit when we work together as a team, committed to diagnosing and analyzing in the most effective and timely manner.

In our effort to deliver outstanding patient experiences, collaborative partnerships with other healthcare facilities and professionals are established so that the patient benefits from a diverse scope of available technology and specialists who can assess, diagnose and treat their ailments.

When people are faced with an emergency, need answers or looking for where to turn for their health care needs, we are postured to be the best option for comprehensive care. Our facilities are conveniently located and our staff are readily available to serve the health care needs of our community with a skilled team, prompt responsiveness and accurate treatment.

We want our reputation to be known that at Rice County District Hospital “we care for our patients like family.”


George Stover
Chief Executive Officer
Hospital District #1 of Rice County