The Dietary department of Rice County District Hospital prepares approximately 100 delicious and nutritiously balanced meals each day. Our experienced staff of eight employees includes a registered dietician to ensure meals are nutritionally balanced and meet the needs of varied special diets. We serve hospital patients, employees, along with residents in the intermediate care at the hospital and Noble Place Independent Living Community. The hospital also partners with community outreach programs, which provide meals to Lyons’ Head Start and Meals on Wheels.

“We are dedicated to preparing meals that provide nourishment and comfort.”

– Mary Smith, Director of Dietary Services

The dietary department accommodates all doctor-ordered special diets and makes every effort to honor preferences. Additionally, a special menu, with customizable options, is available for new moms in our Family Birth Center.

For more information, call the hospital at 620-257-5173 or contact the department directly using the form below.