Cardiac Rehabilitation

For people diagnosed with heart disease or a heart condition, finding a way back to health can be the biggest challenge they've ever faced.
The cardiac rehab program at RCDH is an exercise and health program aimed at helping people recover from a recent heart hospitalization. 
It is desgned to provide education guidelines to help heart patients safely increase their physical fitness and return to a healthy and active lifestyle.
The Program 
Participants attend exercie and education classes three times a week for up to 36 sessions.  The exercise sessions focus on increasing physical fitness and improving work capacity through a variety of prescribed aerobic exercises, stretches and weight training. 
Your heart is continuously monitored by nurses in the room and your blood pressure is checked at periodic intervals.  The nurses have been trained in cardiac and emergancy patient care.  They are dedicated to providing expert care with personal attention, counseling and education. 
Your exercise program will be individualized to meet your specific needs and abilities.  The program will complement the ongoing care provided by your doctor. 
A physician's referral is required for admission into the program.  Call 620-257-5173 and ask for Cardiac Rehab.
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