Employee Health


The purpose of Infection Control is to educate, prevent, and control infectious diseases at Hospital Dist. #1 Rice County, and to cooperate with other Health Agencies in the county.

Safety Committee

The infection control Committee approves and helps implement activities recommended by the Infection Control Coordinator, the State and CDC. The Committee reviews the infection report that is distributed three times a year. The report includes clustering of infections, identified hospital-acquired infections, and employee health issues.

The Committee includes representatives from:
  • Administration
  • Nursing
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory
  • Risk Manager
  • Utilization Review
  • Safety
  • Dietary

If an Infection is Found

Infection prevention is the primary purpose of our policies. Our policies focus on containing, treatment and prevention of the spread of infection. When a hospital acquired infection is discovered, the process is evaluated and policies and behavior is changed to prevent infection spread occurring again.

Tips to Help Prevent the Spread

The best way to prevent infection spread is to use good hand washing amongst our staff, patients and visitors. It is also important that Individuals stay home when they are ill. Proper antibiotic usage and everyone getting vaccines that are available for high risk illnesses is another important key step in stopping the spread of infection.

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