What will the Patient Experience when coming in for Surgery

Patient will experience exceptional care by qualified staff. Dr. Beech is the surgeon for all surgeries besides OB patients. Dr. Decker is the surgeon for OB patients.

What is the Room Situation

Are visitors allowed? Etc. Patients are offered a private room for both pre-op and recovery. They will also experience one on one care with a nurse. Visitors may be allowed briefly prior to surgery and may be brought to recovery room and surgery when the recovery room nurse is ready. Approximately thirty minutes after surgery. Patient must meet certain criteria prior to family visits.

What are the common Diseases/Surgeries

EGD, colonoscopy, biopsy/cyst removal, feeding tube insertion hysterectomy, gallbladder, hernia repair, diagnostic laparoscopy, tubal ligation, carpal tunnel repair, appendectomy, D and C, c-section, TVT procedures, colon resection, stomach or intentional surgery, wound debridement

What is the Pre-admission Surgical Screening

A set of standard questions and obtaining health history from the patient. This is done by OR nurses

Location In Hospital

In ER entrance hallway


Any parking lot, however ER or front of hospital would be best.

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